ACTUALITÉStémoignages de rentrée 2018

Terre de sens a récemment accompagné Michelle Fitzgerald-Kuhl, dirigeante de English Insiders et Pascale Martinetto, Directrice Education Jeunesse de la Ville de Grenoble

Le témoignage de Michelle Fitzgerald-Kuhl

I have never been comfortable speaking in public. I did it only when it was absolutely necessary and it mostly felt terrible.... However, I recently set up my own business and public speaking became unavoidable if I wanted it to grow. I knew it was time to take action...

I met Claire and her help litterally transformed the way I approach talking about what is important to me. Initially I feared this was going to be a complicated and painstaking endevour but Claire helped me identify where my own thoughts were blocking me so that changing my outlook on things actually turned out to be much easier than I thought. Furthermore, the ACT coaching we did together set me up for success session after session. I had to choose the smallest action I could think of to initiate change and it worked every time. And it even built up into bigger changes. I have rarely been so pleased with coaching results.

Le témoignage de Pascale Martinetto

Claire Delepau est une excellente professionnelle qui sait écouter mais aussi et surtout cadrer les discussions avec beaucoup de bienveillance et de doigté. Les séances avec elle ont toujours été une grande source de plaisir et d’avancées. Elle sait adapter ses savoir faire et compétences aux situations, à l’état d’esprit du jour et sait allier souplesse, fermeté et grande exigence professionnelle. Bref une belle expérience humaine et professionnelle.